Course information

Course content.
The course lasts from Monday lunchtime until Friday lunchtime. (Except specialist Course).
It is suitable for every level of knowledge as teaching takes place on a individual basis, so it doesn't matter if it's the first clock you have picked up, or whether you have been working on clocks for twenty years.

The week starts at 12.30pm on Monday, with most people arriving around 12am (having already eaten), which gives time to unload your clocks and tools and find a bench before the 12.30 start.
We normally start the week by spending an hour or so having a look at everyones' clocks and deciding the best approach to the weeks' work. The rest of the week is yours to spend working at your own pace on your own clock. I spend the week doing my rounds, circulating, answering questions and demonstrating the professional approach to clock repair. When I come upon a job or demonstration that I think will benefit everyone I call it to the attention of the whole group. If you are experienced at repairs or have seen the demo before, you can carry on with your own work.

The course hours are as follows:-

Monday 12.30 pm-6.45pm
Tuesday 9am-6.45pm
Wednesday 9am-6.45pm
Thursday 9am-6.45pm
Friday 9am-1pm.

These hours are when I am there to help you and the workshop is open. They are not strict hours that must be adhered to. Many people go early or start later. It's up to you!

I only take ten students in each class, with many people returning year after year.
The course attracts a wide range of people from different backgrounds and of different ages, from 20 up to 85. We have dentists, builders, accountants, engineers, in fact all walks of life.
I also have quite a few regular female students, who often put us men to shame with better patience!

The courses are held at a privately owned stately home, in a fantastic location, four miles south west of Pulborough in West Sussex.

Half the students travel in daily, with the other half staying as residents at the local pub/hotel , "The White Horse" at Sutton, about one mile away. Tea and coffee are provided all week in the workshop, with chocolate biscuits on a good day!
Lunch is provided from Tuesday to Thursday inclusive and is cooked and served by my wife, Jean and also Joanna Mersey.
Generally it is a home-made soup, a salad or ploughmans.
Evening meals are left to your own arrangements and are not included.
Residents at "The White Horse" have breakfast included and can buy an evening meal.

To sum it up, this is a very relaxed, friendly week where we make new friends, meet up with old friends, eat well and learn about clocks at the same time.