Clock Repairs

Below are the clocks, I have repaired.
Although I spend six weeks a year teaching clock restoration courses the rest of the year I
spend working on customers’ clocks, either servicing, repairing or making new parts.
Clock servicing is very important but very easily forgotten by the owners of clocks!

I often get phone calls saying...
“It’s been running perfectly for 25 years but has now stopped” . “When was it last serviced
or oiled I ask?
......well that is probably why it has stopped!
A clock is a mechanical item and just like your car it needs oiling and servicing, would you
run your car for years without servicing it or changing the oil?
So, clocks DO need servicing or over-hauling or repairing, this sometimes means making
new parts. which I make by hand, here in my workshop.
They do not need servicing every year. For instance, a Longcase clock needs servicing
every ten years, a French mantel clock every eight years, an English Fusee clock every
ten years etc. BUT in between these servicing times, they must be oiled either once or
twice depending on the temperature and humidity of the room in which they are situated.
If you don’t oil and service clocks they will have dry pivots (bearings) they will then start to
disintegrate over the years until the clock either stops or breaks with more serious
consequences, which then results in more extensive repair work than just a service or

I hope this gives you a rough idea about servicing your clock.

I also re-make clocks that haven’t worked for years that are missing some or many parts.
This involves working out what is missing, what the parts looked like, what they did and
how they did it. Then how to make and fit them in the most conservative way that uses all
the original location points and holes without making any changes to the original clock

I also occasionally make completely new clocks for clients, a new movement or complete
clock with a new case to the customer's design.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information on any of the above work that I
can help you with.

Please see the sales page for clocks that I have for sale.

Many thanks for reading this.

Steve Jackman