Clock Tools and Materials
Some materials such as pins, bushes etc are included in the cost but items such as springs, gut lines etc are charged extra. There are very few parts and materials needed in overhauling a clock.
I would say the average material cost for a student for the week is around twenty pounds and for most people the cost is less than ten pounds.

The course tool kit includes tools to achieve most jobs on your clocks.
(We do not have equipment to cut wheels and pinions).
All tools needed for a general overhaul are available for you to use.

It would be very beneficial if you were able to bring the following items with you:-

A desk lamp and extension lead.
A bench vice to clamp onto the table.
Apron or overalls and suitable footwear (no open sandals or high heels...this a workshop environment).
Any small tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, tweezers and anything else you think may come in handy. You may wish to bring gloves for cleaning jobs and safety goggles.